Our Approach

Our team believes in hands-on support that makes a positive impact on your processes. Let us come in and see your applications in action and we can generally recommend a variety of improvements.

Our Story

Stu has been in Automation and Robotics for the last 25+ years. Throughout his career he has been intimately involved with the integration and process development of many of these types of systems.

Specific Process Expertise:

  • Resistance Welded Battery Pack Assembly
  • Medical Device Fiber Laser Welding
  • Automotive Electrical Assembly
  • Medical Device Laser Cutting
  • Medical Device Laser Marking
  • Automotive Laser Marking

Specific Equipment Expertise:

  • Resistance Welding Systems
  • Glove Box Laser Welding Systems
  • Robotic Guided Fiber Laser Welding
  • Vision/Robotic Guided Laser Welding

Meet the Team

When Stu is not out catching the next big fish he is working tirelessly making sure his customers are happy.